Do you think you’re observant? Check to see if you notice the unusual things hidden in these pictures

Thanks to photography, we can capture important and grand moments, but also ordinary and everyday situations. It often happens that something which shouldn’t be in a photo appears there: somewhere in the background a photo bomber appears and steals the whole photo.

Do you think of yourself as someone with a good eye, who’ll always spot the smallest details, even in a complicated photo? If so, we have a challenge for you: a series of 22 images, which at first glance seem ordinary, but if you look closely, something unexpected, funny or scary can be found. Will you take the challenge?


Have fun looking for the hidden details in the pictures below, and if you don’t find any, the answer is key is located on the last page.

1. They should probably start to run


2. Someone is missing their privacy here


3. The graphic designer most likely didn’t have an A in history