Do you use a Q-tip for cleaning your ears? Did you know that isn’t how it’s supposed to be used?

The ear is a very delicate organ, which you should take care of and properly clean. In order to ensure protection for the interior of the ear, the body produces a wax, or a mixture from the sebaceous glands, sweat glands and earwax. It also consists of dander and dust particles.

The yellow goo that comes out of the ears doesn’t look very nice. So, we often remove it with a cotton bud, which as it turns out, can do more harm than good. You have to remember that they’re designed to clean the ear, but not the inside of your ear! Here’s the damage that they can cause!

1. Risk of damage to the eardrum.

If you push the stick in too far, you can damage the wall of the ear or eardrum.


2. Rather than removing wax, it gets pushed deeper into the ear canal.

This way is how a clogged ears forms, which symptoms include pain, noise and impaired hearing.


3. Excessive production of wax.

Frequent cleaning using sticks brings counterproductive results. If you remove from the inside too much ear wax, the body reacts to this with increased production, which can lead to clogged ears.