Do you want to have a garden different from everyone else’s? Put up some scary gnomes, inspired by famous horror movies

Having a garden is a dream come true for many people, that’s why those who are lucky enough to have one, usually strive to keep it looking good at all times. One way of making backyard space more beautiful can be e.g. purchasing decorative elements for the garden.

For many years, home gardens have been decorated with gnomes, which by some are considered to be a charming decoration, and by others as nightmarish and tacky items. But keep in mind that a garden gnome may not be what you expect it to be and doesn’t always have to be a cheerful gnome with a lantern and a pickaxe in hand, which is the message of this group of artists.


These artists and sculptors from Canada came together not just because of passion for art, but also horror movies. The Walking Dead, Dawn of the Dead, 28 Days Later or Pet Sematary are movies that inspired the artists to create a series of sensational garden gnomes with zombie-like appearances.

Admittedly, they’re actually quite scary.

scary gnomes (6)

The gnomes are made entirely by hand, without the use of any molds, that’s why each one is different and one of a kind, and the person who buys it, can rest assured that their neighbor won’t have the same decoration.

The gnome-zombie won’t be everybody’s favorite decoration.

You’ll find more photos of these frightening figures on the next pages.

scary gnomes (3)