Doberman gave his life fighting with four cobra snakes to defend his human family! He’s a hero!

On July 11th, a Doberman belonging to a family of eight was doing the usual, which was guarding his family’s house in the village Sebekapur (Gajapati district in India). He walked around the property checking whether anything suspicious was happening. All of a sudden, he saw snakes crawling on the patio (Indian cobras). Without hesitation, he engaged in a fight.

One of the family members saw the whole situation. He watched the dog, as he wouldn’t back out despite several serious bites. He slayed one cobra after another and when he realized that the family is safe, he finished the dramatic fight.


Unfortunately, he didn’t survive the encounter with the snakes. The dog’s owner, Dibakar Raita was devastated. It turned out that he had bought the dog a few months ago and despite the short stay with him, the animal showed great loyalty and made the ultimate sacrifice.

I am shocked. He made the greatest sacrifice for me and my family. I will remember it for the rest of my life. I ask God that his soul rest in peace – said the owner about what had happened.


The Doberman’s brave feat drew the attention of residents from the whole district. Crowds arrived to attend the funeral and the funeral procession. They brought wreaths and flowers, expressing in this way that they treat the dog as a real hero.

We should consider ourselves lucky if we ever meet a similar dog.