Doctors urge parents not to throw out their children’s baby teeth. They could one day save their life!

The first baby tooth to fall out is a really important event. Children often hide it under their pillow, hoping the Tooth Fairy will come, whose job is to take the tooth and leave some kind of present in return.

Of course, fairies don’t exist and parents are the ones who take the teeth away. Some keep them for years, while others throw them away immediately after they’re pulled out. Experts say we should keep them, as they could prove useful in the future.


A study conducted in 2003 revealed that baby teeth house an abundant source of stem cells. If a child will need replacement tissue later in life, they could be used to produce it. Keeping baby teeth can therefore save lives in the future or help in the treatment of many diseases.


But there is a catch. The teeth have to be fresh, since cells degrade and over time lose their strength. How should they be stored? More about that on the next page!