Doctors warn: do not let your dogs lick you on the face! The consequences can be very serious!

The contact an animal’s saliva induces disgust in some and joy in others. Dog lovers believe that the pet wants to express his feelings in this way and should that they should not prohibit him from doing this. It is in fact one of the ways the dog shows his love, but sometimes his kiss can carry serious consequences.

Some argue that dog’s saliva is much cleaner than a human. It’s not true! This belief probably comes from the fact that animals lick their wounds when experiencing a trauma and after a while they heal.


This is because licking stimulates circulation and getting rid of dead tissue. It has nothing to do with the fact that their saliva is extremely clean! On the contrary, it contains a lot of hazardous bacteria.

Dogs are very curious and love to lick things. Their tongues touch contaminated surfaces from which the collect dangerous pathogens. They come in contact with the other dogs, including their intimate places.


The American veterinarian Marty Becker recommends dog owners to limit the kisses the key from their pupils. Here is what can be found in their saliva:

Enterohaemorrhagic (E. coli bacteria)

This pathogen causes, among others, terrible abdominal pain, fever and vomiting. E. coli was found in dog’s saliva.

On the following pages, you will find which other pathogens may be found in a dog’s saliva.