Doctors were shocked when they saw a snugly tied braid. They couldn’t believe what they saw!

Kate Lucas and her husband were happy parents of two wonderful children. When they decided to have another, they completely didn’t that they will have twins. They were very pleased when during the ultrasound the doctor said that he heard two hearts.

Happiness soon turned into drama, because they were diagnosed with Macrosomia Obesity Macrocephaly Ocular syndrome (MOMO). The children didn’t have a membrane that separated them, and their umbilical cord tightly wound around each of them during development. There was considerable danger that the twins would be born dead.

Doctors spoke about it openly, giving the little ones a 50% chance of survival. But, Kate didn’t lose hope. After 32 weeks of pregnancy, she had decided to have a Caesarean section. Two girls were born – Harper and Cleo.