Does this tendon protrude from the wrist? You’ll be amazed what that means! In 15% of people you cannot see it!

Wisdom teeth, tonsils, tail bone and muscles that move the ears are just some of the remains of evolution. they’re the remnants of history that are reminiscent of our ancestors and what we have left from them.

The relics from the stages of evolution won’t allow themselves to be forgotten.We find them every day in our bodies, for example, goosebumps have descended from millions of years ago. People then were hairier, and as a result of the contraction of muscles, it formed a protective layer against the cold. When humans discovered fire, lush hair was no longer needed and began to shed. Currently, it doesn’t make any sense, because the hair is too small and doesn’t protect against the cold.


It’s similar with the muscles in the forearms. The tendon protruding in the middle of the wrist is also a leftover from our ancestors. It was useful when humans were not able to efficiently move upright. The palmar muscle is well developed in mammals that move around on all fours, e.g. in lemurs.

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