Dog desperately tries to revive friend hit by a car

If you have a dog, you know perfectly well that they’re very loyal pets. For their master they’re able to do a lot, sometimes even risking their own lives. Countless stories posted on our website prove that fact.

It turns out that dogs don’t only take care of humans. They also pay attention to the fate of their brothers, which the following recording is evidence of. It was uploaded to the internet by a man who witnessed this very touching event.


He noticed two dogs near a truck. One was lying on the asphalt and the other one was standing next to it, desperately nudging the animal with its paws. The dog died, as a result of being hit by a car, but despite this its friend was still trying to wake the lifeless dog up. The dog’s attempts obviously weren’t effective. At one point the dog started barking and looked up as though searching for help. Unfortunately, it was too late for the dog to be rescued.

Just now, I reminded myself of another very similar situation when a cat wanted to bring its dead companion back to life. The animal behaved very similarly. See for yourself  -> cat tries to revive friend.