The boy got the same tattoo that his dog has. He had no idea what it meant, now people are laughing at him on the internet

For the unfortunate, sometimes the price is really high.

Tattoos are very popular nowadays, and more often you can meet someone who is decorated in this way than someone without. The motivation behind tattooing is very different. Some important events – a child’s superstition, a wedding, the fight against disease. Others express their views, hobbies and fascinations


In each of these cases it is important to remember that it is best to check the exact meaning of what you want to tattoo, and in the case of phrases, that they are properly written. Unfortunately, it often happens that by trying to save money you defraud your body with a stain instead of a drawing with writing that has a mistake. It’s better to think twice and not spare than to be ashamed for all your life for such a stupidity.

Certainly, Chris Mendiola, who has decided on a tattoo, will take another look several times. The 26-year-old praised the procedure after he had it done on his body. It turned out that the dog he adopted had a tattoo. The man said he would do the same in a gesture of solidarity with his pet, because he believes it is sick that people would tattoo their dogs. Only an acquaintance made him aware of what this sign meant and where he came from.

Chris was clearly pleased with his tattoo, which he praised on Facebook, but only after a while did he learn what it meant. Well, this tattoo is put on dogs that have been castrated. It is put on dogs so it is known that they have already been operated on, like cats, and especially the homeless.

Chris was quite ruthlessly taught that it is better to find out what a tattoo means before getting it. Not all symbols mean what we want. The boy said he would cover the sign with a dog’s paw. Certainly, it is safer than tattooing characters whose meanings are unknown.