Tom Hardy posted a post after the death of his beloved dog Woody. What he wrote broke his heart

There are celebrities who see nothing but the tip of their own nose. But true stars, not only live quite simply, but they also have loving hearts.

So much is known about stars depending on how much they share about themselves, or otherwise what nosy journalists find out about them. They do not have an easy life; every slip, skip or mistake that is made is sold to the whole world. At any point in time, someone controls, describes and photographs them. They cannot easily walk the streets.


While stars of one sort appreciate such an interest, real actors and singers flee from such publicity. Everybody has moments when they do something stupid or say something incorrect, but ordinary people do not bear the same consequences for their words.


Among these celebrities are people who try to live normally. They do not surround themselves with bodyguards and do not do anything to make tabloids write about them. It does not matter to them to be on the cover of a magazine. Serious artists try their best to use their popularity for good purposes. They promote ecology, help others, and do charity. They do a lot to show that they can be normal and live well, not like a “star”.

At the forefront of actors considered quiet and ordinary is Tom Hardy, who with his entry to the portal has once again captured the hearts of people all over the world.