He didn’t know how to help, so he did what he does best. The dog cuddled with his master after the accident until help came

Dogs love their owners and always lend a helping hand.

This story isn’t the first of its kind where a dog saves a person. In the moment of a threat, it’s not just trained dogs that are taught from a young age how to help people, protect and support them, that can help. Dogs will do everything in their power to help their owner. Of course, rescue dogs are long prepared for their work. The responsibility that they carry is enormous.

Trained dogs are very expensive, because the training that prepares them to work with people can last several years. For this you need to choose a dog that has the right character, temperament and ability. However, you don’t need to have a super well-trained dog in order for them to help and support you, even if it’s shown that these dogs aren’t so mean during the day as they seem and can even be taken out for walks.

It’s enough to just appreciate our pets and treat them well, and they’ll certainly thank us with their love and devotion. Jesus Hueche became convinced of this after he fell from a tree while cutting branches, and his dog Tony not only alarmed his neighbors, who called for help as soon as they saw what happened, but also supported him as much as he could.

When the ambulance arrived, they saw something unusual. Little Tony was cuddling his master, keeping his mouth and paws on his chest, giving him strength. The ambulance services were afraid that the man’s spine was compromised. Fortunately, nothing serious happened. Jesus returned home the next day after being treated.

Jesus found his did on the street and took him home, and as you can see he’s repaying him the only way he knows how.