A camera caught what a dog did with a sleeping child. It’s amazing!

Animals frequently prove that they have more empathy and sympathy than people do. They can unconditionally love people and try to help them with every step. Especially dogs! They’re animals that have been with people for ages, while protecting and taking care of them. A lot has changed from the time when dog and man started to live together. But there are so things that never change in this world.

Now, most people in the world have a phone with them. That’s why it’s possible to capture moments that earlier would have been orally described to friends, who often didn’t believe.

This video was recorded by the mother, who was attentively watching over the relationship between her newly born child and their dog.


This recording captures the heart, it shows that animals also have feelings and are happy about and care for the new family member. The newborn was sleeping sweetly when the dog tiptoed to him…

The dog covers the baby, secures it, and protects it in a way which it understands is the best. The child can safely and calmly sleep with such a guardian.


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