Dolls show children that their disabilities don’t have to limit them

The world isn’t fair, you know it’s true not only from today. While adults understand this, it’s difficult for children to accept this state of affairs. Especially when they are affected by disability or illness. It’s hard for them to understand why other children don’t have to wear glasses or dentures. However, with the development of civilization, the attitude towards people with disabilities is changing. Nobody is surprised about a person in a wheelchair, who normally works.

Also, companies that produce toys for children are developing and have noticed that dolls are always beautiful, lean and dazzling. The British company Makies decided to create a line of dolls, which are inspired by the campaign “Toy like me.” Impaired children can get a toy that is like them.

People from all over the world are sending photos showing their children having a great time with natural-looking toys. The dolls, instead of heavy make-up, wears glasses, hearing aids or has spots on their skin.