After watching this photoshoot, you’ll look at children with Down Syndrome differently

The writer of the article grew up with a sister that had Down Syndrome. She thinks, that Diana was the best thing that could ever have had happened to her family. She taught them, what the truth is, what unconditional love looks like, and how you can go through life without worrying. She lit up every room that she went into, and people always noticed her sweet personality.

The author, whenever she recollects her childhood memories, automatically comes to remember memories tied with her sister. The family was very deeply connected with each other emotionally. Everyone, who has seen this family, will know that they are very happy. The parents gave Diane everything that would make her completely happy.


Ever since the writer of the article had decided to start doing photography, she decided to take pictures of children with Down Syndrome. She chose them for her own pleasure, she is extremely happy to spend time with those children. The goal of her photoshoots are to spread social awareness about Down Syndrome.

She wanted to be able to change her photos into works of art, that capture the true beauty of people with Down Syndrome. Everything in them brings a smile to her face. She hopes that the pictures will be available, so that as many people as possible will be able to see what a blessing it is for a family with a child that has Down Syndrome.



After doing the photoshoot, one of the mothers threatened with having a child suffering from Down Syndrome, said that 92% of mothers with such children have an abortion. The costs of having an abortion are higher in this case than they are in others. She also said, that surely the photos that were taken will lower this index.

The photographer wants people to put in some thought if they here that their child will have Down Syndrome. Because such children have so much love, warmth, and are a blessing to the family, according to her.


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