Draw a tree and learn something interesting about yourself! This test is used by a lot of psychologists

Children often express their feelings through drawings.

Mural paintings give insight into the inside of the toddler, show his problems, fears and worries. When they cannot say something in words, they often put it on paper. Almost everything in this image matters. Color, size, line thickness, drawing order of figures or objects, space management, drawing time, character size, etc.

To get to know your child’s personality, you just need to give him a piece of paper and ask him to draw a tree and then carefully interpret his drawing. The test is also good for adults. It is named the “tree test” or “Love test” and is a fairly effective projection method used in psychology. The rules are simple. The researcher receives a simple command: “Please draw a fruit tree as well as you can.”

You cannot suggest what kind of fruit tree such as apple tree or plum. The drawing should be made with a pencil on white A4 paper. You can use the eraser.

Interpretation of the figure:

large, not on the page — selfishness, very active
average size, occupies about 80% of the page — correct self-evaluation, the person knows what they want
small, takes about 30% of the card — inappropriate behaviors, complexes.

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