During an interview a prospective employer asked a candidate to do an unusual thing. When it was done, he knew that he had to hire him!

A young man went to an interview for the position of manager at a large and prosperous company. He easily passed all the stages until he came to the last one. It was a conversation with the director.

The future employer took his resume into his hand and read that the candidate had great grades in college. He started getting good grades already in high school. The director asked him:

Did you get any scholarships?
No – replied the young man.


So your father paid for your education?

No, my dad died when I was a one-year-old. My mother paid for everything.

And where did she work? – Asked the employer next.

At the laundry – he answered quickly.


Then the director asked him to show him his hands. He looked at them and saw that they were soft and delicate.

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