Each Of These Unknown Images Is A Part Of The Great History. See The Most Fascinating Photos That Have Ever Been Made!

Photos can “catch” the history, show more than a historical treatise written on multiple pages. On a small piece of paper, in a thin frame, you can close a lot of things.

These captured moments below inspire, show the past time that will never return. They talk about our past.

1. The ruins of the Temple of Jupiter, 1870-1885.




2. An elephant goes out of the train Ringling Brothers.

Children see this animal for the first time in their life.



3. Coney Island: indigenous peoples have been collected and exhibited at the show in 1905.

In 1905, the indigenous population of the islands was an attraction for onlookers. It was believed that they were worse than the colonizers and have to surrender.

The Lost Tribe of Coney Island, Claire Prentice