Eat and Lose weight! 9 products which contain negative calories!

Negative calories. It sounds pretty strange and ridiculous, but this concept has worked for a very long time, and includes products for which the digestion, the body consumes more energy than is obtained from the resulting food.

For example, one small cucumber contains approx. 14 calories, but to digest it we need 16 calories. Energy deficit makes the body begin to reach for the spare fat, so you lose weight by eating a meal. It sounds good, right?

It is, of course, a specific group of fruits and vegetables. See what to include it!



It consists largely of water so it’s low in calories. It has a particular form of fiber, which swells in the gastrointestinal tract, providing a feeling of being full for a long time. In addition it effectively speeds up metabolism, regulates digestion and promotes bowel function.


2. Watermelon

Just as grapefruit, it consists primarily of water. It is a source of citrulline – an enzyme accelerating fat burning.


3. Broccoli

Apart from a few calories. it contains a lot of fiber and a lot of vitamin C, through which the body converts fat faster.