Finally! Scientists have proven that you can eat as much chocolate as you want!

We always have to find an excuse for our little weaknesses. A cookie at the café or pizza after 6 P.M. and we’re already looking for excuses to give ourselves. Each of us values health and maybe that’s why we get so nervous when we happen to do something against it.

However, scientists finally got down to some serious research and verified that chocolate isn’t an enemy to our health.

As it turned out, chocolate can be good for the brain, and more specifically makes us smarter!

For the purpose of confirming the theory, the cardiovascular system and cognitive functions of 968 people aged 23 to 98 years were tested. The results confirmed that chocolate lovers had better scores! Their cognitive system, visual-spatial memory, abstract and logical reasoning were on a much better level than those who avoided this delicacy!



Regularly taken flavonoids, found in cocoa beans, protect the brain against aging. The only shadow on this joyous news is cast by the fact that chocolate which contains more cocoa also has better effects, in other words, the more bitter the better. You can always bet on a regular but low dose 😉

Good quality chocolate contains 53.49 mg of flavonoids/100 g (0.22 lb) chocolate, and average quality chocolate 13.35 mg. To keep flavonoids at the proper level, you would have to eat 18 bars of good chocolate or 74 milk chocolate candy bars. Of course, that is impossible, but in this case half a chocolate bar is a small price to pay in exchange for the health of our brain 😉