Einstein’s recipe was fortunately sold for $ 1.3 million. This is probably the most expensive recipe in the world!

In the world that governs money, it is sometimes impossible to determine the value of objects.

What we already hear about is another transfer of a player for an exorbitant amount. Another record is beaten, and “behind the legs” players are getting paid more and more. The big stars for a 5-minute performance at the event earn a dozen or so times ordinary citizens a year. The inequality between the poor and the rich is growing. It’s an abyss that grows bigger and bigger.

On the other hand, we increasingly come to the conclusion that money does not mean anything, or that it is very little. Even extremely rich people die of cancer and other so-called illnesses of our time. Sometimes they take their own life because they are unhappy. No one is able to buy health or joy. There is no single, simple prescription for luck, though for one such recipe, it has recently been paid a considerable sum.

A note from Albert Einstein, which at auction in Israel reached a price of $ 1.3 million (over 3 million zloty). The amount for which it was sold was not so long ago all the world media. Most of them focused on the sum, not on the words themselves and the unusual circumstances in which they were written, and the damage, because they were unique.

The history of Einstein’s handwritten notes goes back to 1922 when one of the greatest scientists of our time was at a conference in Japan. To the hotel where he was staying was delivered something the physicist received as a shipment. Unexpectedly, Einstein did not have any small bills with him, and he could not in any way reward the messenger who brought the package. So, he wrote a few words and gave it to the boy. “If you’re lucky, these notes will become much more valuable than a normal tip,” said the Nobel winner.

The outstanding scientist as it turns out was also a thinker who did not live until the times in which it turned out to be great he was giving the boy two inconspicuous cards instead of money. His words were bought by an anonymous merchant from Europe. – Quiet and modest life brings more joy than striving for the success of constant anxiety  – this is the sentence for which he has paid a fortune.

Was this simple advice worth so much money?