Employees of small cafes do something amazing every day!

Some people enjoy their work, some unfortunately do not. But when you’re passionate about something and do what you really like, work doesn’t seem to be so bad. Unfortunately, after the great economic crisis, people in some countries would be happy with any work. This is a problem especially in Greece, which has been deeply affected by the crisis.

Because of no jobs and a lack of funds for basic needs, people make the decision to abandon their animals. They can’t provide food and sometimes even housing for themselves and their children. Of course, nothing justifies their behavior, but the animals are, in fact, abandoned.

Fortunately, in this world there are still good people, who care about animals. On the island of Lesbos is the Hott Spott restaurant is where waiters, after waiting until the last customer leaves … let in stray dogs.


Thanks to this, it stops them from freezing on the streets. Every day, dogs come in the evening to warm up and quietly spend the night.



Isn’t it beautiful? The small gesture by employees makes homeless animals feel for at least a little bit, some warmth.