Even grown-up, brave men had their hearts break when they saw this little girl

Men who work on big construction sites, high up, are thought of as having nerves of steel. Hard work and constant danger harden them, or so it may seem. While the men were working at a construction site, they saw a small girl in a window and were very moved.

The small Vivian Keith was two years old, when the doctors diagnosed her with leukemia, from that moment on, her home became the oncological hospital. A series of painful chemotherapies filled up her days, but there was something that made the girl forget the pain for even just a moment.

A building, which many workers worked on every day, was being build next to the hospital. Amongst others were Travis Barnes and Greg Combs, who work opposite of the girl’s window. The child watched them work every day and waved at them whenever they went up to the window.


The men always wave back to the little girl, when they notice her in the window.