Even though she doesn’t have Classic Beauty, she’s done more than any gaunt beauty. Check out the most unconventional models of the world!

Many teenagers suffer from low self-esteem. Their insecurities are often related to popular beauty standards and the promotion of perfect looks and a thin body. Young people compare themselves to so-called perfect people and think that they are far away from the ideal. That’s when the problems start.

Teenagers fall into depression, try extreme diets, and even reach for alcohol or other drugs. But is that right? We’ve proven many times, that a model’s and celebrity’s image is taken care of by a host of image specialists, who can change even the ugliest person into a stunning beauty.

A large group of models are “The Classic Beauties” who do not stand out among their peers. There are also those, who are far off from modern standards. But this doesn’t stop them from reaching success. Here are 10 of the most atypical models in the world!

1. Chantelle Brown-Young

This beautiful girl suffers from an unusual skin disease. Instead of hiding her face under a thick cake of makeup, she proudly shows it off. She gained fame that normal models can envy thanks to her extraordinary beauty.


2. Viktoria Modesta Moskalova

In 2007, she lost her leg in an accident. But this did not stop her from making her dreams come true. Today, Victoria is one of the world’s most recognized models.

3. Shaun Ross

Shaun is the only Albino model ever. His childhood wasn’t easy. He was always insulted and made fun of by his peers. Now he’s a true star.