Every day, this little girl waits for her brother to greet him as he comes back from school

Growing up is not easy and takes a long time: from the moment when we are totally dependent on our parents to the time when we show off just how independent we are. Fortunately, when you have siblings, it is easier to deal with all this even if the bond between siblings is not so strong and the brother and sister have arguments.

However, in the case of trouble, they can always count on each other. Especially, when it comes to an older boy who has a little sister, he will always care about her and make sure that nothing wrong happens to her.


These siblings show that their bond is greater than you might think. This girl, regardless of the weather, waits for her brother every day to greet and hug him. She always runs to say hello, and when she once stumbled, she could cry on his shoulder.


The boy always hugs his sister back and makes sure she is not too close to the bus when it starts to move. It’s simply charming to see how close together they keep themselves. Their greetings make everybody smile and want to embrace their own siblings.