Every dog deserves a second chance. Says the founder of unusual shelters intended for disabled animals

Dogs are popular pets that accompany man almost anywhere on the globe. We like their happy nature, friendliness and dedication. However, not everyone can appreciate the value of having a dog as a friend, so there are stray animals on the streets, which need help.

The problem of homeless animals applies to all countries in the world, although the scale of the phenomenon is very different. One of the countries in which the proportion of stray dogs is quite large is Peru. Fortunately, there live people with good and noble hearts, who decided to devote their life to helping abandoned animals, especially dogs, which have significant health problems. One such person is Sara Moran, who lives in Chorrillos, a district of Lima.

Homelessness animals should be handled by city authorities.


Sara has always been branded by a particular affection for animals, especially dogs. Over the years, she enjoyed the presence of a beloved pet, but the dog has been poisoned. It was a turning point in the life of Sarah, who has since decided to completely devote herself to saving animals. As she says, she has always dreamt about it, which is why she decided to transform her personal tragedy into something good and change the fate of dogs living on the street.

Sara is an ordinary resident of Lima, who loves dogs.