Every Waitress Dreams Of Such A Tip! Money Was Used For A Lofty Purpose!

For some people, the animals are everything. To help them, they are able to do a lot!

The waitress loved his dog Trucker. The bond between them was so strong that she decided to get a tattoo of his paw on the wrist. One day, some couple was interested in her tattoo. Christina then revealed her story…


It turned out that Christina’s pet is sick. It must undergo a complicated operation that will save its life. The dog swallowed a hard, plastic ball, which should be immediately removed.

The woman worked very hard to obtain the corresponding sum of money. The surgery was so expensive that Christina worked also as a cook and a bartender. She took every job, even the hardest work to earn the necessary amount.


The couple was extremely touched by her story. They decided to support this good woman…

When the waitress saw a tip of $ 1,000, she was totally shocked! She hugged strangers who have done so much for her pet. The operation was successful for her doggy. Trucker is recovering at home, surrounded by the love of his lady!

I hope to see more such cases! This is by far, the positive story.