Every year she travels 2400 km in order to save hundreds of dogs from a bloody ceremony in Yulin. Her attitude is worth admiration!

In the southern Chinese city of Yulin, a cruel event is organized every year called “Dog Days.” It’s an extremely bloody ceremony based on eating dog meat! Every year, during the summer solstice, they gather hundreds, and even thousands, of dogs and cats. The animals wait in tight cages for death.

Beforehand they are brutally beaten and burned with torches… Fortunately, there’s someone who decided to ease their suffering. The 65 year old retired teacher – Yang Xiaoyun travels every year over 2400 km to help the poor animals. Since a few years she works to help the harmed animals. She has organized a shelter called the “Common Home for Stray Animals” where over 1000 dogs stay. She buys them from the slaughterhouses in Yulin and takes them under her roof.


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