Everyone ignored this street musician. Suddenly, 4 adorable kittens approached him and did THIS!

Most likely, you’ve seen a musician playing a musical instrument on the street more than once. For some it goes well and for others, a little worse. If a crowd is forming, that’s a sign that the musician has talent and can entertain the passersby with something unique.

In this case it was a little different. A Malaysian musician was finishing up his day at “work” because no one was approaching him to listen to his music, and he came to a conclusion that it would be better if he went home. He then noticed that an audience slowly began to gather. However, they weren’t people, but four three-month-old kittens.


They sat in front of him, perked their ears up and began to listen carefully. You can see that they liked the music very much. They looked hypnotized and were the only audience of the underappreciated artist. They sat like that until the end of the song. For a brief moment, you can see how they’re gently swaying their heads to the music. Apparently, at the end, the musician thanked them for their patience and attention.

See how it all looked! It is hard not to melt inside when watching this video.