There is no place like Japan where you can see such visible trends. If something becomes fashionable, then the entire country goes crazy for it. It’s no different for this pretty fluffy animal. At first glance it looks like a little bunny, but in reality it’s a sea snail!

This snail is different from the ones that we know and by a lot; it has tiny ears and is fluffy. The snail lives in the Indian Ocean. What we think of as ears are actually projections that are supposed to help him search for food in the water.

The snail looks rather cute and it quickly took over Twitter, everyone wants one! In addition, their wrinkles vary in many degrees – colourful, spotted, or entirely white.


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When looking at them, you just want to adopt such an adorable creature yourself. The formal name of the snail is Jorunna parva, but the Japanese rather call it a “sea bunny”. Certainly in a country where Pokemon and other kinds of monsters are part of the culture, this kind of silly and cute snail has a chance to make a big career 😉

Everyone in Japan went wild over this animal! - DaduBuzz

Everyone in Japan went wild over this animal!


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