Everyone Is Talking About This Soldier. It’s Amazing What He Did!

Josh Hargis was in Afghanistan, in the fight he was almost deadly wounded. Hagins was in the Rangers unit, four soldiers from his unit were killed. The photo below was taken at the hospital when he received the medal “the Purple Heart”.

Then, it was sent to his wife Hargis. It is very encouraging.

The note was sent along with a photo of a soldier to his wife:

As you know Josh was wounded, he survived two hours after the accident and was taken to hospital. Josh immediately underwent a series of operations, and after a few hours, he was placed in intensive care at the base in Afghanistan. Josh stayed under the care of Rangers who visited him. Josh before being transported to Germany, and before his flight to America, had been given the award ” the Purple Heart” for suffered wounds in combat. A simple ceremony. You can imagine a room full of Rangers, doctors and nurses around his bed while the commander pinned the medal to his blanket. During the speech, the commandant bowed to thank Josh for his sacrifice. We all thought that Josh was unconscious when he began to move his right hand under the blanket and saluted the commander. Despite the wounds, dressings, tubes and pain Josh struggled with a doctor who wanted to stop him, and saluted the most brilliantly as anyone could ever see.  I cannot describe to you the emotions that surged through the intensive care unit that day. Adult men were crying, Josh wordlessly showed his courage and character. I joined the photo we believed that they will show on each channel in TV.  It is hanging over my desk, he is the evidence of the greatest things I’ve met over 10 years of service.


It’s a miracle that he managed to survive.