Everyone laughed at this little girl’s appearance. Then one person decided to do something special for her. Look at what she thought up!

Breanna Mendoza suffers from Goldenhar syndrome, which is characterized by a deformation of facial structures. The disease is extremely rare. Only one in about 50,000 people is affected. Because of her appearance, Breanna has always been harassed. Her peers didn’t spare her any sarcasm nor malicious comments. Rude comments and threats appear regularly on Breanna’s social media profiles. Fortunately there was someone who gave her a hand.

At the age of eight she attempted suicide. She couldn’t stand the constant abuse. She wanted to jump under a speeding bus. It’s hard to believe that this little girl was thinking about taking their own life. Her mum really tried to help her. Unfortunately, all methods failed. Then she bumped into Heather Marshall, a local photographer.


Heather offered the girl a professional photo session. For one day, little Breanna turned into a professional model. A qualified panel of stylists took care of her appearance. They abandoned the idea of heavy make-up, but only highlighted her natural beauty.