Everyone Should See What This Student Did! It’s Unbelievable!

A twenty-year student from China – Guo Shijun studies in very unusual conditions. It’s hard to believe he was able to get a very high scholarship!

The boy had a very tough childhood. His mother suffered encephalitis and was mentally retarded. # Together with his father, Guo began to take care of the woman who was unable to work.

The boy was always a diligent and conscientious student. Despite his mother’s illness, he did his best to get the best grades. Their financial situation deteriorated even more when his father fell from a height on a construction site. The man was paralyzed.


Despite many adversity the boy got on his dream university. His grandparents took care of his ill mother and he was looking after his father.

The university authorities have agreed to put the sick father in the room of a student hostel. Guo tried very hard to get a scholarship to pay for a dormitory and studies.

He hopes that when he ends his education, their fate will finally transform. Fingers crossed! It’s an amazing story about love and sacrifice! It is worth to share this post!

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