Everyone thought that this homeless man was collecting money for himself. When a woman read a piece of paper he was holding, she knew straight away that he needed help!

Fate has its twists and turns, but what is most important thing is not to lose our humanity. Sometimes fate cooks us a life story that no writer would imagine. Sometimes we are in luck. Other times, life seems a series of misfortunes and bad decisions.

It is easy to fall into homelessness, but difficult to get out of it. The most important thing is to try. We often encounter homeless who ask for money. Sometimes we suppose that they probably looking for money for alcohol and we try to bypass them by a wide berth, Sometimes, however, it is worth asking about what’s going on.


So did a woman who saw the man standing with a cardboard box with the inscription “Dog in the shelter. We you’re your help.” She got interested in the story and stopped to find out more. It turned out that the man was raising money for the release of his dog. The police took his a friend and put him into a shelter.


To redeem it, he needed $120, so the woman decided to go to the shelter with him. On-site, it turned out that the homeless actually lost his dog and must pay the corresponding amount. The caretaker in the shelter indicated that the dog was very well kept and well fed. One could see that he eating more than the owner. The girl paid the appropriate amount without hesitation and made sure that friends were together again. The dog immediately jumped into the arms of the owner, happy as ever.