Experts warn: it is not worth re-boiling water from the kettle! It is best to pour it out and replace it with fresh water. Remember this next time you boil water!

Take a moment and think how you go about your daily preparation of coffee or tea. Focus mainly on what you do with the remaining water in the kettle. Do you pour it completely out into the sink or top off the kettle with a little fresh water?

Most people (including myself) choose the second option. Apparently, this seems to be the best solution. We don’t waste water, protecting the environment at the same time, and most importantly – we save! But is it worth doing so at the expense of our health?


It is generally believed that repeatedly boiling water minimizes the presence of harmful bacteria. It turns out the compounds and minerals that are subjected to further heat treatment become toxic.

But that’s not all! Re-boiling promotes the development of substances dangerous to our health – nitrates, arsenic and fluoride.

When the same water is heated up multiple times harmful substances such as nitrates, fluorides or arsenic become concentrated. They enter the body in high concentrations – says nutritional specialist Julie Harrison from the website