He smoked a cigarette and intended to refuel his car when the station employee kindly helped him

Human stupidity has no limits, and recordings and photographs of the various situations we see on the Internet are the best evidence.

Many dangerous situations that not only lead to material losses but also to the detriment of people’s lives is caused by their behavior because they do not think and look further than the tip of their nose. And examples can be multiplied. On both the road and in everyday situations, it is good to have limited trust in other people.

When in some place there is a sign placed to ban something, there is a revolt in many places. They think it’s overzealous and they do not think they apply to the signs. Especially on the road, many drivers see signs and rules of motion as loose suggestions that can be arbitrarily interpreted and not followed. This leads to many risks that could be avoided. Many people also disregard signs that prohibit smoking in certain places.

Although cigarette smoke appears to be a tiny spark, petrol stations absolutely prohibit smoking. Just a moment of inattention when the fuel is pouring and the driver must unscrew and turn the tank. Inattention can lead to the outbreak and death of other people and very costly losses. The staff of the station is guarding so there is nobody with open fire approaching the distributors.

The passengers and the driver of the car found it appropriate to drive up to the gas station and smoke a cigarette. The station employee decided to teach the man quickly that he could not smoke at the station. Instead of entertaining the conversation and requests the station employee quickly dealt with the smoker. Rightly so? See for yourself: