Extremely charming munchkin kittens are conquering the world!

Cats of the munchkin breed are one of a kind. The mutation that occurs in them causes the breed to have extremely short paws. And most importantly, they do not notice it at all and act like ordinary, ubiquitous cats.

Owners consider them corgis of the cat world. It is very difficult not to fall in love with these cuties. Though experts aren’t in favor of this breed, since the mutation which makes their paws very short, leads to numerous other disorders. However, the breed is becoming more and more popular and this can’t be stopped.

Short paws don’t pose a problem in being an ordinary cat for him 😉


Then there are the cute little cat-faces, how not to love this redhead?


Although his belly is very close to the floor, it doesn’t hurt his charm in any way.


They can play with any toys.


Short paws are great for dancing.


Claws and fangs – that’s a true kitten!



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