Eyebrow shape indicates personal traits. See what it says about your character and approach to life

It’s said that the eyes are a mirrored image of the soul and reveal the emotions that a person feels. What surrounds the eyes is as important, as this is what gives them expression and character. Beautiful eyelashes and eyebrows are the best decorative elements of the eyes, but as it turns out, they’re also a source of information about the characteristics of human personality.

Every woman knows that eyebrows require care. You have to take care of their appearance, thickness and shape as well as apply conditioner so that the hair remains healthy and looks beautiful. To seal the deal, the correct shade of eyebrow pencil has to be chosen to give them a perfectly matching color. Eyebrow appearance can change the expression of an entire face, intensifying the beauty or on the contrary, turning it into an unpleasant sight.


Also, eyebrows aren’t a random decoration, but a hidden clue as to what characteristics a given person has. Look into a mirror and see what type of eyebrows you have and next you’ll find out what it says about your character.


There are 5 basic types of eyebrows:


1. Simple eyebrows

No matter what happens, you always know how to quickly and effectively solve the problem. You organize your time flawlessly, which is why you’re often doing several things at once, both at home and work. You’re a trustworthy person.

On the next page you’ll find out what drooping, raised and curved eyebrows reveal about a person.