This is the shortest test for intelligence in the world. Although there are only three questions, only 6% of people can solve it completely

Intelligence is one of the most valued characteristics of mankind.

Intelligence refers to the ability to observe and analyze changes in the environment and adapt to them. It is also the ability to learn and use your knowledge, depending on the situation. Simply put, intelligence is a feature of our mind, which translates into the efficiency of thought processes.


Most commonly used to test the level of intelligence, IQ uses long and complex tests. The disadvantage is that fillers quickly lose focus on solving tasks, and often feel discouraged because the amount of questions overwhelm them and make them feel that they are wrong. That’s why a super fast test, which shows high, medium and low intelligence levels, was built.

The test consists of just three questions, and the results are interpreted very quickly: 3 correct answers – high intelligence, 2 correct answers – average intelligence and one improvement in response – low intelligence.


Exercise 1:

Pencil and eraser for a total cost of $ 1.1. The pencil costs $ 1 more than the eraser. What is the price of the eraser?

Exercise 2:

5 machines in 5 minutes produce 5 items. How long will it take 100 machines to produce 100 items?

Exercise 3:

Water lilies grow on the surface of the pond. Every day, their quantity increases twice. Flowers completely grow the pond’s surface after 48 days. How long does it take lilies to cover half the pond area?

We wish you good luck and the correct answer, you will find on the other side.