This father bought his daughter a toy, but the cashier hid it under the counter. He had really important reasons for this!

It is said that today’s kids are spoiled and greedy.

They demand more and more. They expect their parents to meet their whims and do not completely wonder where they are going to get all this money from. Lots of children are just like that, but there are also kids who appreciate what they have and even worry about their poorer peers. This story is the best proof of this.

A father went with his daughter to the toy store to pick out her Christmas gift. The girl, after a long deliberation, decided on a limited-edition Barbie doll and asked her father if he would agree to pay so much money for it. The man nodded and turned to the cashier. They passed a boy who was about the same age as the girl. He also went shopping with his dad, but it was evident that they were not too wealthy.

He had his shoes on and his jacket was torn. His pants were a bit too big and looked as if he had borrowed them from an older brother. The man who held his hand was also modestly dressed. His rugged hands suggested that he had hard, physical work. The kid hesitantly walked to the computer game stand and began to look at one CD closely. His father looked at him with sad eyes and shook his head.

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