Father will pay $180 million to anyone who marries his daughter! There is one catch…

Every once in a while, information which is hard to believe in, circles the world. This is that kind of situation. It’s hard to believe that someone is willing to pay for his daughter to find a husband.

Chinese billionaire Cecil Chao is a businessman from Hong Kong, who has had an amazing career and earned a lot of money. It would seem that he is able to get whatever he wants, but for some reason he has to seek a husband for his daughter.

The case is not simple. His daughter is neither terribly ugly nor does she have a nasty character. The rich man’s only daughter – Gigi, does not like men. Her father cannot accept the fact that he won’t have a successor. He decided that he would pay $ 180 million to any man who wins the heart of his daughter.


The first announcement of the search for her husband was picked up by the press in 2012 when the girl’s father offered 60 million. In 2014, he raised the price to 120 million and announced this year that you can earn 180 million.


One can only imagine how it must feel for Gigi, who already has a partner and doesn’t intend to look for a husband.

On the next page you will find out how her father reacted to these words.



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