Few-month-old Nika was found sick and neglected among garbage! Only thanks to the involvement of volunteers, did the child miraculously survive

Sara is a 28-year-old from South Louisiana, who decided to leave the United States to help the poor residents of Haiti. The woman took on a job as a recreational therapist at the Danita’s Children Medical Center.

Sarah’s job isn’t an easy one and also has a great impact on her mental health. Every day the woman takes care of seriously ill children, but Nika’s case was especially shocking. The little girl, because of her disgraceful mother, went through hell and was on the verge of life and death. Sara felt a special bond with the child. She decided to save her, though her chances were slim.


One day, a woman with a 3-month old baby reported to the medical center where Sara was working. She claimed to be the girl’s aunt, and said her name was Nika. The girl was suffering from hydrocephalus, and the cerebrospinal fluid which had accumulated in the head, was a direct threat to her life. Nika required immediate surgical intervention, so she stayed at the hospital. Fortunately, the surgery was successful and the baby began to regain strength.

Nika underwent major surgery and the hospital stay significantly improved her condition.

After the treatment came to an end, the fact that her aunt did not want to take Nika back home was quite problematic. It soon turned out that the woman had lied to doctors and volunteers, because, in fact, she was the mother of the child, not a distant relative as she had claimed. The reluctance of the women to acknowledge her own daughter arose from the fact that the girl was disabled. In Haiti, it’s a reason to be ashamed for a parent, as if disability was punishment for something the sick infant’s family had done earlier.

Haiti is a country where the poverty level is very high and belief in superstitions is very strong.

Nika’s mother didn’t want her from the beginning, and as she admitted, drank various poisons during her pregnancy in order to have a miscarriage, but did not succeed. As a result, she gave birth to an ill daughter and since then, has been doing everything to carefully hide the child’s presence from the world. When she was forced to leave the house with her, she tossed blankets and rags on top of her, so that no one would see her. Despite her great reluctance to Nika, the mother decided to take her home after the surgery. Unfortunately, she didn’t report for any medical check-ups over a period of several months, so Sarah decided to find her home and check to see what’s going on.

Unfortunately, children in poor countries are often treated as a problem that must be disposed of and mothers themselves are trying to get rid of unwanted pregnancies.

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