Finland is the first country to remove all subjects from school. Teaching will look completely different than before

The Scandinavian countries are a role model for many others. Scandinavia is a highly developed, prosperous region where people live in a law-abiding way. All the time, innovations are introduced that serve society and improve their standards of living.

The education system in Finland is considered one of the best in the world. But its creators do not settle – they constantly update and improve it. A considerable revolution will soon take place in education and discard all the subjects of yesterday. Why?

Kind mit Fragezeichen an Schultafel

Finns agreed that the learning model which was developed at the beginning of the twentieth century does not fit the present times. Children are losing time to learn completely unnecessary skills. Separate classes of physics, mathematics and geography do not teach children how to combine knowledge and think in an interdisciplinary manner.

Therefore, the system will be introduced for students over 16 years of age, when they already have some knowledge and the possibility of its interpretation. Through these activities, which will involve all disciplines, students will be able to develop their skills. Young scientists will have to work in small groups, and teachers will be partners to talk to and mentors.
Group of nine children drawing on school chalkboard with chalks.

Instead, language, math and economics classes will be run from the cafe. While they will learn economics, they will also use of a foreign language and practice communications skills.

The teaching profession in Finland is very respected and prestigious, because teachers must demonstrate excellent knowledge and skills to practice it.