When an angler caught the fish, he quickly took photos of it to show what makes people stupid and disrespectful to nature!

People do not respect nature, you see it more and more, because in nature nothing is lost, and our stupidity starts to return.

We use plastic bags every day, foil that makes everything nice and sterile. They serve us a moment and then land in a basket. If you still care about recycling and segregating garbage, there is a chance that the rubbish will be reused. Unfortunately, a lot of rubbish that could be recycled lands in places that prevent them from being processed.


We are increasingly encountering the ugliest traces of people on mountain paths, in forests and parks. And importantly, you do not have to look for states that are considered to be cluttered. In seemingly clean and well-kept states, the problem of rubbish is also serious. It was shown in one of Adam Turnbull’s pictures, which caught a fish in the Saskatchewan River in Canada.

Adam picked up a fish that was already injured at first sight. And it was not a wound from a predator. The fish, most likely when it was smaller, swam into the label that usually protects a Powerade bottle. The film tightly wrapped around the fish and grew into its skin and body.

Adam notes that such a film weighs nothing, and can be thrown into a backpack and thrown into the trash, not left in the forest or in the water. These seemingly insignificant and trivial pieces of trash are a great threat to wildlife that melt in the foil, eat it and die in misery. Therefore, every human being should take care of nature so that the animals do not suffer from our stupidity.