Fishermen pulled this terrifying creature out of a Russian river. When they looked into its mouth, they were speechless!

Sometimes adults scare children with horrible monsters, which make them shake like Jello. Although it’s not the best method of parenting, it can be very effective and work wonders. The youngsters are taught humbleness and are scared of looking in places where they shouldn’t.

With time they no longer fall for it, because they know that evil creatures don’t really exist. Looking at these photos you can have some doubts, however, because what was found in a Russian river looks alarming.


Kama River is a left tributary of the Volga located in the Udmurt Republic. A group of fisherman was fishing there, when suddenly a suspicious creature appeared on one of the rods. It measured about 8 inches and instead of scales, it had dark wrinkly skin. When the men opened its jaw, they saw a scene from a horror movie – big sharp ghastly looking fangs.


The fish had to be very hungry as it was tempted by a small worm on a hook. They began to wonder what specie the fish was and as it often happens in these types of situations, many different speculations arose.

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