Food heated up in a microwave is unhealthy. It’s slow death at one’s own request

There’s a microwave in almost every household, and people heat up pretty much everything in it – from cold food, to water and baby formula. Sometimes you have to think whether you should really use it that frequently, because its effects on the human body are very destructive!

In the 60s, the Russian government banned the sale of microwaves across the entire Soviet Union. This wasn’t done based on their own views, but because it was proven that they have an adverse effect on health. Since then, the principle technology of these appliances hasn’t changed!


How was it in the past?

The microwave, just like other appliances, didn’t come from nowhere. Germans used the microwave in radar systems. It was rather quickly discovered that the radars emit considerable amounts of heat, so soldiers began to use them as heaters. And if heating human tissue was possible, it meant that heating up cold meals for many Germans scattered around various posts during battles with the Russians was too.

Initially it was considered a great idea, but after a while the soldiers began to suffer from blood cancer. This was what brought a ban to all microwave oven sales in all of the Nazi Germany.

food from the microwave

How does the microwave oven work?

Today’s microwaves do have a nicer look and many new features, but they’re still based on the same principle of operation. They generate short waves, which take just one second to move molecules back and forth a billion times. This produces a lot of heat, and thus, food can be heated.

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