For 30 years, people caused her to suffer in small cage. The sadness in her eyes says it all!

Although people’s thinking and behavior towards animals is changing, and we’re beginning to take note of their right to freedom and life, there is still a lot ahead of us. Treating animals as a form entertainment, depriving them of the possibility of a peaceful life and using them for all kinds of tricks have to be banned.

Mainly by people who, for financial gain, use animals while not taking care of them in the slightest way. Scrawny animals in cramped cages do not have space to stretch their legs. So cruel was the fate of Fifi, a female bear, who throughout her entire life hadn’t experienced anything good out of the hands of mankind.


Fifi is a Siberian brown bear, who spent the first 10 years of her life entertaining people with tricks. A traveling circus used not only her, but also other animals. Over the next 20 years, the bear was sentenced to a tiny rusted cage and inhumane food rations. None of the bears had ever run in their lives! Fifi was starved and every movement caused her pain because of a joint disease which was the result of the tiny cage she was in. Her fur fell out by itself and she had wounds all over her body. To put it shortly, she suffered terribly and it was evident that her state was critical.


Most of the sadness and despair was visible in the bear’s eyes. She gazed sadly at the passersby. Fortunately, her fate changed. On the next page you will learn how and in what an unusual way!