For A Moment Before Her Death, A Woman Left Her Husband A Note. Her Message Will Move You To Tears!

Billie Breland at the end of her life was suffering from a short-term memory loss, but apart from that she was in a great shape. However, when she broke her hip in January, her condition deteriorated rapidly and she died shortly afterwards.

She was 83 years old. She lived with her husband 60 years together, sharing the joys and sorrows.


Billie was a teacher at the local school, Jimmy was a supervisor at the local university. They both worked for the local community of the Church, and they were widely known and respected.

After the death of Billie many people came to say goodbye to her. Jimmy was very grateful to all visitors, he reminded a lot of great moments thanks to them.

When the time of reflection and meditation has passed, Jimmy opened their check book and found … a note from his wife. Before she died, she hid it there for her husband. “She always thought of others first,” said Jimmy.

The last words of the letter were as follows:

“Please don’t cry because I died. Smile because I lived! Know that I’m in a happy place! Know that we will meet again! I’ll see you there! “