Frida saved 52 lives and did not lunge in search of other survivors of the earthquake in Mexico.

Frida’s day is not like that for every domestic pet. This beautiful heroine does not lack the strength to find people.

Dogs are an invaluable aid in the search for missing people who disappear in the woods, do not return from trips, or who are kidnapped by weather elements. This summer brought a lot of losses worldwide – hurricanes, storms, floods and earthquakes which devastated the world, gathering a bloody harvest. Many countries have not mourned because the fight against cataclysms continues.

Thanks to the dogs, the rescuers and their caretakers, we can find people stuck under collapsed buildings. Many of them are going to be saved if we get to them early enough. Specially trained dogs do not spare any help, they are happy when they find yet another living person. During rescue of people after the attack on the WTC, dogs were depressed because they could not find any living person. Therefore, the rescuers themselves hid in ruins and let the dogs find them so they did not feel that they just failed.

Mexico is currently struggling with the effects of massive earthquakes. 230 people were killed, many injured. The earthquake came two weeks after the previous one, and the buildings that had been affected earlier consisted of prisoners. And here rescue dogs come in. Frida is one of the better dogs, thanks to her work, she has managed to save 50 people and she is still constantly working.

Frida has her own gear: boots that protect her feet from sharp edges, glass and gravel, and goggles that protect her eyes. She and her men are combing the rubble in hopes of finding even more living people. She’s just started working and she’s got great results. Frida is working all the time without sparing her strength and whenever she can rest for a while, she falls asleep for a few moments. But as soon as a man calls, she rushes to help.