Friendship between a child and an animal is one of a kind. These pictures prove that unquestionably

Having a pet, especially dog or cat, is a dream of millions of kids around the world. As soon as the housing and financial conditions allow the family to have a pet, parents should decide to make such a purchase, because the presence of the pet can have a very positive impact on the child.

Many parents categorically refuse to buy an animal for their kid. The most common arguments given are that an animal will make a mess, spread an unpleasant scent or that it requires dedication and the presence of family members. An additional argument for defiant parents is the vision that after a few weeks the child will get bored of its new pet, and all of the responsibilities of caring for it will afflict them. However, it is worth opposing stereotypical opinions concerning the disadvantages of having a dog or a cat, and calmly deliberate about whether its appearance will actually change the lives of all household members so much. Taking care of a pet can teach your child responsibility, dutifulness and perseverance, and additionally your child will gain a faithful friend for many years.

Here are 25 examples that show that pet ownership is a great joy for a child.

1. A dog is a listener to a child’s biggest secret


2. Cuddling up is awesome


3. And now, please smile for a photo. Cheese!


4. Nose to nose